Thursday, May 27, 2010

silver lining

I went out with a couple of friends the other day and I was telling them that I try to see the silver lining in things. I am not always very good at it. In fact, sometimes I downright suck at it, but I am trying more and more to see it.
So, the latest silver lining that I have been able to see is the weather. I am not sure what is going on with our weather. We had such a lovely April, and then, May has just sucked. Rain, Wind, Snow, Wind, Wind, and more Rain. Yuck. Cold Yuck. But......
We are leaving for Greece on Sunday. The bad weather gave me a chance to pack all of my light warm-weather clothes in my suitcase, without having to worry that I would need them. Also, did I mention that I am going to Greece?! There really can't be more of a silver lining than that!
I dream of sun and greek ruins, wine and sand, olives and moussaka. It is going to be great!
I will post pics and stories here - Soon!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

One week

In one week we are off to Greece!! A place I have wnted to visit for YEARS, and now we are finally going! Sure, it is not a great time to go, what with the Greece economy in the shitter and all, but I am sure it will be fine. We aren't exactly going to seek out demonstrations or anything. Worst case scenario: they stop public transportation and we can't get there, or we can't get there because of that dust cloud from the erupting volcanoe in Iceland. Middle case scenario: they stop the public transportation ONCE we are there (and maybe can't get back, oh that would be SO bad). Best case scenario: everything works out perfect and we have a fantastic time!!

Right now, it is the long weekend in May and it is raining. It is supposed to be raining for the next week, and I am not bothered by that at all. It will be warm and sunny in Greece. In fact, it is predicting it to be 28-30 degrees all week in Athens. To me it is almost better this way. I will appreciate the warm that much more seeing as it is so cold and wet here right now. Also, it gave me a chance to pack and not have to worry that I might want to wear any of my warm clothes in the next few days.

Ah, Greece. Greek food, Greek weather, Greek islands, Greek hospitality. I am looking forward to all of it!! Not to mention the side trip to EGYPT that we are taking on our cruise!! This will be a trip to remember.

Stay tuned! I will post pictures and stories (just like when we were in Thailand) while we are there.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moms and Grandmas

It was Mother's Day on the weekend. My mom is on vacation in the USA, but I still celebrated. I took my grandmother out for dinner.
I don't spend that much time with my grandma here, but I have always respected her. She is tough. Way tougher than women today, including me. She comes from a time when women worked hard. They didn't do all the jobs that men did in those days, but they definately worked just as hard. She believes in simplicity and staying active. She was tall in a time when women wer supposed to be small and petite. She has always been strong. She is 92 and up until recently, she lived on her own, drove her own car, and danced 3 times per week.
My mom, on the other hand, is strong but in a different way. She has always been the peace keeper. She has always tried to have a positive outlook on life. Even during adversity, she is always postive.
I may not be a mom just yet (although I like to think of my cats as my "furbabies" and that I am their "mom"), but I hope that I will be just as strong and good as my mother, and my mother's mother.
So, to all the Moms and Grandmas out there (a little belated) - Happy Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A conference over

Well, the weekend is over, and it was a success. We had 75 people attend the lectures on Saturday day. That is way more than I expected! The speakers were really good, and if I hadn't have been so preoccupied with everything going smoothly, I would have really learned something! ;)
The Friday night "Meet and Greet" put on by the district was also a success. It was very well attended by both the residents and the Regina staff. The food was really good, and the alcohol flowed. Even though I didn't really have much to do with the event on Friday, I still felt very proud.
The Saturday night event, however, was a flop. What was supposed to be about 46 people ended up being only 33 (paid for by 29). The food was really good, and the band was great, but it just wasn't well attended. The main problem was the residents. At the last minute, a lot of them decided not to come (even though they had told me they were and so we had to pay for that). I took it personally that they didn't want to come, but honestly, I can't blame them really. If I didn't have to go to a dinner with a bunch of staff people, would I have gone? Or, would I have just gone out somewhere with the other residents?
I decided not to attend the Resident's Research Day for the same reason the residents didn't attend Saturday night. I didn't want to. Why would I waste my time listening to boring research? I did attend the meeting (being the Secretary of the division), though, which was productive. We learned that the residents are NOT required to attend the educational day at all, but it was always linked to the research day in hopes that it would be better attended by the staff. Well, tit for tat, I say. If they attended the other stuff, I might be more interested in going to their stuff. Whatever. Anyway, I really wonder once the residents actually know this just how many of them will attend next year. I bet not ALL of them will (i. e. attendance will drop). We'll see.
Regardless, despite the bitterness I feel towards what I felt was a slight by the residents on the Saturday night, the weekend was a success. I had people tell me they thought it was the "best Bev Leech ever!", and not just my husband (who sort of has to tell me that).
It is just one more thing I can put on my not-so-impressive CV to improve it a bit.
My hard work paid off!