Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random occurences before year's end

A quick update of random occurences:

We had a good Christmas. Only cooked for 7, but had enough food for 15, typical me. Everything turned out yummy and on time. I bought my hubby a snowblower (really a gift for both of us, so I don't have to shovel), and he bought me jewelery. We had a funny video, and then played some Wii. It was good. Then, back to work after Jennie's wedding reception and a well deserved day off.

Then, I had something very interesting happen. I had a patient who ended up being diagnosed with epiglottitis! Previously, a life threatening childhood problem that has become almost extinct due to vaccinations, now becoming more common in the adult population. That was what this was, an adult coming for something totally unrelated! In the end, very interesting, and he ended ulp doing well.

And, we are dealing with our house again. First, it was the shower. Long story short, they had tiled over wood instead of cement or cement board, and it was rotting, and they had to rip the whole shower apart and redo the tiling (which took 8 weeks). Now, we are dealing with water damage. We have only been in our house since April, and thus we have not been in it when it was really cold before (nor had anyone else for that matter). So, in our bathroom (again) there is a spot that is REALLY cold on the ceiling in comparison with the rest and it is causing water condensation and has created a stain on the ceiling and is causing the stipling to come off. The other area is in the basement. We had told them about this when we first got in the house, and the builders brushed it off as them putting in the tiling in the basement before other stuff was finished and a little leak caused the stain on the tiling. So, they changed the tile in hopes that it wouldn't be a problem (I call bullshit). Well, the new tile is now stained too. Thus, water damage and a leak from somewhere (which is what we were trying to tell them in the first place). Talk about shoddy workmanship! Now, they are telling us that because the house has been standing here complete without anyone in it for over a year, that we do not have any warranty (which was one of the requirements we had when we bought the house). We wouldn't have found any of the bathroom stuff until it had been used! What crap! Well, if they don't fix it, rest assured that we will be raising quite the stink! Not to mention not building with them again, and there aren't that many builders in Regina, and we would make sure to let EVERYONE we know in Regina know about them. Trust me, Regina is small and word gets out. So, wish me luck on this account anyway.

Finally, we are on call tomorrow night for New Year's. I get to spend the night giving anesthetics to people who are unfortunate enough to require surgery that night. Well, at least I get to spend it with my husband. I will just run over to the next operating room at midnight and give him a New Year's kiss! What romance! Ah well, taking one for the team, I always say!
So, everyone, wish me luck, and have a great New Year's!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

When stuff is just stuff, but isn't

I lost my wedding ring. I remember having it at work, and at one point taking it off to put on hand cream. Then, when i went to find it yesturday, I couldn't find it. Did I leave it at work? Will someone have found it and turned it in, or just have taken it.
My husband was so good about it when I told him about it. He was clearly upset, but saw that I was CLEARLY upset (i. e. crying and such), and did not make a big deal about it. "It is just 'stuff'", he said, "We can replace it". And, he was right. But, it was sentimental to us both. He told me later that he remembers the exact moment when he put the engagement ring on my finger on Hornby Island after asking me to marry him. He remembers me walking down the aisle on our wedding day. He remembers putting the wedding band on my hand to signify that we were joined as one. I have these memories too. Funny that "stuff" can end up meaning so much just because of what it signifies.
I tore our house apart thinking that there was NO WAY I could have left it at work! I had to have brought it home! Didn't I have it last night? Then why couldn't I find it now? I even looked in weird places for it, but to no avail.
I had finally given up, and was doing laundry. I was doing a load of whites and heard something rattling around in the bottom of the washer. What could possibly be in there? I wasn't doing jeans or something so there shouldn't be change (which I have also washed). And there it was! Lying at the bottom of the washer gleamingly clean, like the day I got it!!
I was so relieved! Not that we don't have insurance, we do. Not that we couldn't afford to buy another one, we can. Not that we wouldn't replace it, we would. But for what it MEANS. For the memories behind it. For the love we still share today and what the two rings on my finger (saudered together, so I lost both) signify to everyone who sees it - we are one.
I guess now I get the whole Christmas present thing. Sure, it stems from the tradition of baby Jesus getting gifts from the Wisemen (so they say). And, sure it is just "stuff". But, we buy the things we do for the people we do because of what they mean to us. If we can signify this in some way by getting them some little symbol (instead of gold frankinsense, and mur it is gold, an Xbox, and clothes), we think they will know just how much they mean to us. Maybe we should just tell them how much they mean to us? But memory is fleeting and sometimes the "stuff" is a reminder.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy sidewalks

Stumbling around in a sleepless, tired haze, I somehow managed to almost finish my Christmas shopping today. I have to admit, though, that I am a very LAZY shopper. I prefer gift cards to the real thing. Then, people can get what they want and I don't have to worry about them taking it back, and they don't have to worry about hurting my feelings if they want to take it back. For those I didn't by gift cards for, I would buy things that I liked and could see myself wanting. That is always the best gift, isn't it? If you think it is nice and would want it, why wouldn't someone else?
Then, I managed to drive back home, put this all away, and make baby back ribs and cheesy potatoes in the oven so my husband could come home to a fully cooked meal. God! Does that sound "Betty Crocker"?! I am not really so domestic, but I do like to cook.
All this with only about 4 hours of sleep! I was on Labour and Delivery last night. The sad thing is that I was BORED from 4pm until 11pm. Then, as per usual, all the babies were born after midnight. I may have had some energy today, but I definately didn't look it. At rounds first thing this am, people kept asking me if I had had "a rough night", and then at Costco, I ran into one of the nurses and she asked if I worked nights last night. Apparently, like my emotions, I am not so good at hiding my fatigue.
But December is always like that, isn't it. So busy busy. Parties, and working, and family and shopping, and decorating, and donating, and planning, and shopping, and parties, and working, and family...... As one of my friends put in on Facebook, "Fack, I need a day off!" I guess it is one of the reasons I am not such a fan of Christmas. It is really busy for not really that much pay off. My fav Christmas was the time my family all went to Cuba. No presents, no tree, no worries. But, we can't do that every year. And, now that it is up, my tree and decorations do look nice, so I guess it is OK.
One thing I do love about Christmas, though, is the music. I LOVE Chirstmas carols. My absolute fav is "The Chestnut Song" that and "O Holy Night". Everyone has a favorite, and I always find it interesting exactly which one it is.
So...... What is yours?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Beige and Colour People

I spent the day today with one of my longest (Iprefer this term to "oldest") friends. We talked about a lot of different things (cats and dogs, babies, relationships, scripts, etc.), but one thing we talked about at great length (and she herself has blogged about) was what she calls, "beige vs. colour people".
"Colour People" are those types of people who are expressive, boisterous, and loud. They talk with their hands and are animated. They sometimes do crazy things, like randomly burst into song, or dance. When they are around people, they leave the time spent with them feeling energized.
"Beige People" are the complete opposite. They are introverted and prefer alone time. They are quiet, subdued, and proper. They would NEVER burst into song, and may even be horrified if someone they were with did do. When they are around people, they leave the time spent with them feeling drained.
As much as there are some people who are TRUE Colour People or TRUE Beige People, I believe we are all a mix. Take me for example. My friend and her husband tell me that I am "one of them", a Colour Person. And I am. I do randomly burst into song or dance. I am sometimes loud, and always opinionated. I talk with my hands, and am very expressive (it is often hard for me to hide what I am truly feeling on my face). But, I work in a world where one needs to be beige, and so I do that too. I can have a meaningful discussion about Quality Insurance and patient safety. I can put my head down and work quietly. In another life, I am sure I would be pure colour, but there would always be the little Beige Person inside.
On the other hand, there are people whom I call "Closet Colours". They are the Beige People who have a little Colour Person in them who is screaming (or singing or cheering madly) to get out! They are the Rider fans who put a watermelon on their head and paint themselves head to toe in green, and then go back to their accounting jobs the next day. They are the people at parties who suddenly become so fun, a side of them you never see.
As I said today to my friend (although about a different topic), there needs to be balance. It is OK to be a Colour Person. It is OK to shout out, sing, and have fun! Be crazy once in awhile, take a tapdancing class, or a bellydancing class, or do a strip tease for your husband! Come on Closet Colours, you are in there somewhere and we know you can do it!!!
But, it is also OK to be a Beige Person. One needs quiet moments of reflection and time to work hard. It is OK to be alone and appreciate just yourself (plus or minus a cat or two) for a bit.
Remember, balance is the spice of life.