Sunday, November 25, 2012

My truest love

OK, I seem to have a new obsession.  Can you guess what it is?  One hint, the last SEVERAL blogs have been about it.  Yes, my little one.
I have never loved any one as much as I love her.  Not my mother, not my father, not my husband.  I am amazed by all the things she can do.  All the new things she discovers just blows me away. 
I knew this was the reason to have children.  I thought I would delight in what my children would learn.  I thought I would marvel at their development.  But, I never knew just how wonderful it would be.
Sure, there are some trying times.  There are those early days when you are sleep deprived, and all they seem to do is eat and sleep and cry.  Not fun.  The melt downs in the car after a long day when she is tired, hot, and hungry (who can blame her), or worse in the store, not fun.  Changing poopy diapers that make you gag with the smell.  Not fun.
Then, there are the other times.  The first time she smiled at me.  The first kiss to my husband.  The first time she stood, and crawled, and cruised.  Her first tooth.  Most of all, though, it is the development of her mind.  Her personality has just blossomed, along with her imagination.  Yes, I know she is still a baby, but, she made up a game tonight.  Along with this, comes her laugh.  That is my favorite thing.  You can't help but smile in response to that toothless grin.  The laughter, though, is not just infectious, but intoxicating!  I would go to just about any lengths to hear that laugh.  So sweet.  So pure.  So innocent.
Someday she'll be a teenager.  Someday she won't want to be seen with me.  Someday she might tell me she hates me. 
Until then, she is my one truest love.
I am amazed at how fast these little ones grow up!  The changes and growth is just astounding.  Sometimes I don't notice it because I am with her everyday, but then sometimes it is so profound it is hard not to notice.

Jorja is now crawling, standing, and cruising.  She is getting into everything, and a lot of fun.  She is babbling and saying a couple of words (we think her first word was cat and kitty).  She definitely has her own little personality.
I am a little sad that soon she will no longer be a baby.  I think about my age and think I should have another one NOW.  Convincing my husband, however will be a challenge.  It was hard enough with the first one, and he is not as smitten as I am.
I also think about how much harder it will be with two.  Right now it's pretty easy.  I can take her anywhere.  There is only one car seat, one kid to get ready, one kid to put to bed.  Easy.  Two it just that much more challenging.  How does one get groceries?  Or have time for yourself, for that matter?
And so, I follow my cycle and dream of more babies, but I haven't really done anything solid about having another one.  I guess you can never be sure.  I guess it is never easy.  But, if this one is any indication, it is so worth it.