Friday, January 30, 2009


I seem to have some major life decisions coming up. It seems harder. Before there was never any doubt about decisions I was making, because unless they were short term, the answer was always the same - finish residency, pass the exam. Now, I have done that, and I need to make some new decisions. First, one that is a bit fun: Buying a house. Do we buy right now? Do we buy or build? Can we live outside the city, like in Emerald Park, or is that too far away? Will it affect our life too much?
Second, one that may affect my career: Should I continue to do cardiac anesthesia? If I do, I have to take the TEE course, write and pass the TEE exam. I think having those skills would be very valuable, but I am just not sure if I want to study for another exam so soon after writing the biggest exam of my life. Also, I am not sure if I want the stress of doing cardiac. Those people die.
Finally, a decision which may affect both of the previous ones: To have kids, or not to have kids? It seems like the next logical thing to do as an adult in a stable marriage with a stable career. If the amount that I love and cherish my cats is an indication of how I would be as a parent, I would have no problem loving them unconditionally. The question is, do I want my life to change (drastically), and am I ready?
The answer to all of these questions: I don't know.
We have started to look for houses, found one we like in White City, and are trying to decide. We are attending the TEE course in San Diego, and then maybe I will have a better idea. I am thinking of letting nature take its course with kids.
Is it right to let fate decide? At this point, it seems like the best decision.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying to do right and only being treated wrong

Trying to do right and only being treated wrong. That is what happens in our profession. We do our best, try and do what we think it right for the patient and sometimes bad things still happen. Not every case is as smooth and perfect as we would like. Ultimately, we are still human beings. Unfortunately, sometimes other human beings forget that. Doctors are not computers or robots incapable of human error. We are fallible emotional beings, capable of heartbreak and failure. We hope that those whom we work with will at least understand, afterall they are also human beings expected of amazing feats, but again, that is not always the case.

We expect that we will be treated with respect. That, despite our fallibility others will make an effort to understand and empathize with us. In the end, however, all want is respect. A discussion should ensue, face to face, to discuss problems and solutions. Again, this may not always be the case. Not all individuals play by the same rules, or play fair.

And so, what does one do? Do we decide to retaliate and be undrespectful? Do we seek guidance from others? Do we carry on, hoping things will improve? Do we stop doing what we know is right? Or, do we simply run away, hoping it might be better somewhere else? One can only hope we will make the right decision for ourselves, our patients, and our community.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Contentment has a new name - Regina

I am sitting here watching my favorite television show with one cat on my lap, purring, and the other cat witting behind my head on the couch. I am struck once again by something very profound - contentment. I was at work (which I normally am), and looked around and thought, "Gee, I am lucky". Lucky to work in such a great environment. Lucky to work in such a great hospital and city. Lucky to do what I do. Even more than that, lucky to have my life. My husband, my cats, my job, my family, my friends. I love them all. Regina is a great city. Its warmth may not always stem from its weather, but it comes from the people. That is what makes a city, a home, a heart. The people, and I am content to be one of them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boo to the East

Ok, I just had to blog about this because it is driving me crazy. Sure, according to some uneducated Easterners we are the "gap" in the country, but that doesn't mean that what happens here is unimportant. Furthermore, our weather is much more demanding and drastic than anything that happens out East (except for the Maritimes, who get snow up to their rooftops regularly). I finally understand my hubby's feelings.
Oh, boo hoo it is "cold" in the East! Oh, boo hoo Torontonions might have to scrape their windows and actually "bundle up"! Cry me a f*%%ing river!! It is -37 degrees tonight here, and that is WITHOUT the windchill!! Talk about that! Fathom that!
Ok, and before that, when there was so much snow in BC that people had to walk 2km to get to their houses, no on mentioned that until people DIED in avalanches!!
And NO, I am not compaining. I would take the "Pepsi challenge" with any other province. I like it here. I take pride in the fact that I can survive in -50 weather. You know why? Sun. Even though it is F*%&ing cold, we almost always have sun. My mood is directly related to the amount of sun I get. Lots.
I just hate the fact that we are always ignored. You know, I bet the Yukon and NWT feel like that too. How sad.
Boo to the East and all the TV companies that bow to that!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well, I guess I have "won". A couple of blogs ago, I mentioned an agreement that Jurgen and I had about houses or workouts. In short, he would either work out, or we would buy a house. Either way I would win, but what I "won" was a new house! We are going to buy a new place (or build). We have talked with the bank, and we are meeting with our realtor on Thursday. I have made out a list of houses from MLS and plan to give it to her. This way we can actually see what we want.

I am very excited, but also a bit nervous. I HATE moving. I am pretty much like my little cat - Stupe. The last time we moved she found a blanket from our old house, crawled underneath and wouldn't come out, even to eat. Poor kitty. Poor me, I feel the same. I find moving really stressful!

The other issue (kids) has not been solved. I still go back and forth (pleasure? of kids versus my life), and Jurgen is not convinced. Ah, alas, only time will tell. It is, however, the real reason for a new house, but I don't tell Jurgen that!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas times

Mount Washington is only an hour from Hornby Island. So, after Christmas we went there and went skiing. What a beautiful spot to ski!

Jurgen looks like a war hero on skis!!

We skiied with George and Sharon. We discovered that with George and Jurgen being similar, and Sharon and myself being similar, we could have a great time together!

The Maslany's all went to BC for Christmas. The initial plan was for everyone to meet on Hornby Island, but when George and Sharon got there they realized just how much snow there was! We joined them later there and saw for ourselves!

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner. Lots of laughs and food. We missed Grandma H as she was still recuperating from her fracture.

Our "Charlie Brown" Christmas treewas adorned by something much cuter - Seven!

Before our own celebration we had our OR Christmas party! Glow bowling and greasy snacks!

December started off with Annabelle having a house warming party. TOO much fun!