Wednesday, February 1, 2012

She has arrived!!

Please welcome Jorja Marlene Maslany! Born Jan. 23 at 1240 weighing in at 3. 18kg and 49cm long. She has a ton of blond hair, and at this point blue eyes! Pretty different from her parents who have brown hair and either green or brown eyes. Luckily, she has enough features of us that we are sure we took the correct baby home, haha.
As much as labour and delivery was NOT how we wanted it to go at all (emergency csection after 2.5 hours of pushing, and toxic doses of local anesthetic), and breastfeeding is a bust, we love our little monkey to pieces! She is so beautiful and the light of our lives.
My hubby is amazing as well. So loving, so caring, so great. He has really taken to fatherhood. In fact, so much so that he was sad today when I wouldn't let him feed her. He has also sang her her first lullaby - a German march song (translated as "The Tank Song"). She loves it!