Monday, October 15, 2012

First Kiss

My husband told me not that long ago that when our daughter was born he didn't really care for her, but now he likes her.  In fact, now, he loves her.  That's because she is so much more fun than she was when she was a little helpless infant.  She is learning new things everyday, and is so much more interactive.  She laughs and giggles (as you saw from my last post), babbles and points, claps, and crawls all over the place investigating things.  She was even chasing the cats today (although they quickly got away).
The clincher for my husband, however, was the other day.  For some reason, she decided that she didn't want go to sleep for a few days.  It was like she had anxiety about us leaving her in her crib alone.  She had been doing so well, going to bed without any "sleep crutches", and quietly drifting off on her own.  Suddenly, it was not the case and we were back to her crying again. 
Sometimes I can be the tough one, and sometimes not.  This particular night, I was the tough one.  I was willing to wait 10 minutes before I went up there again.  So, I busied myself with other things to keep myself from thinking about the wailing going on upstairs.  That night, though, my hubby just couldn't take it.  He went up there before the 10 minutes was up to see if he could calm her.  She still cried, but eventually went to sleep with him there.
When he came back downstairs, he had tears in his eyes!  I was so surprised.  He had never been upset with her crying before.  When I asked him if he was crying, he admitted he was, but that it wasn't what I thought.  He was happy!  What?!  Now, I was really confused.  He then told me that before she finally went to sleep, she leaned up and gave him a kiss!  Her first kiss ever!  Even I, the favorite, had not yet received a kiss!  My heart just melted.
So, now he knows that she loves him.  And, he loves her.  So special.  I am so happy that my two most favorite people in the whole world each knows how much the other cares for them.
Maybe this will help in the convincing to have another baby.  ;)