Saturday, April 25, 2009

indoor outdoor cat

I like watching my cats in their new surroundings. It really emphasizes the differences in the two of them.
We went outside today and I left them off the leashed to let them explore a bit. Seven, who has been outside lots before, was so interested in all the new sounds and smells. She would hear something and try and see where it was coming from. Then stop, sniff a bit, and then hear something else and be off again. She loves it out there! I think she imagines herself as a big cat exploring the forest looking for prey. Queen of the jungle.
Then, there is Stupe. We got her form a pet store, so she has never lived outdoors and it shows. She comes outside because she is curious, but alas, not curageous. She saw Seven out there and thought that maybe she could do it too. So, she went all the way to the field where Seven had been "hunting", but it didn't take long before something scared her and she made a bee-line back to the deck! She did, however, decide to roll in the dirt to prove to everyone that she had been outside (lucky me, I had to wipe her clean before she came in).
I think we all go back and forth between those to states. One day we are truly curageous. We push our limits and explore the jungle to become the hunter. Confident and comfortable.
The next day, we really want to be curageous so we venture out. We cover ourselves up so no one knows our fears, but ultimately something freaks us out and we bolt back to our comfort zone!
In the end, hopefully we all end up happy warm and in someones arms (or lap if you really are a cat) regardless of the adventure we might have had that day.


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