Monday, January 18, 2010

Jamaica, Man!

We leave for Jamaica in 5 short days. I can't wait! Sometimes you just get to the point when you need a VACATION, and this is it! It will be so nice to just sit and do NOTHING for awhile. Get some sun (Lord knows I need it), sip some pina coladas, go swimming, read a book or two, see some fishies. Aaaahhh, hot trips. How I love them. I do wish we were going for 2 weeks instead of 1, but honestly when I was booking it it just never occured to me. We have never gone for longer than 1 week before (OK there was that one time in Cuba we went for 2 weeks, but that was different). So, I just booked one. Unfortunately, my hubby had wanted to go for 2 weeks, but it was REALLY hard to change, so we are just going for one. Besides, that way we can save some money for Greece (which I have just gotten the green light for!!!!!!!!). But, I digress.
Jamaica will be relaxing and wonderful and warm and I am SO looking forward to it!!

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