Monday, February 22, 2010

Greek woes

I love to plan trips, but I fear it is getting the better of me. I have spent a LOT of time planning our next trip - to Greece. The problem is there is just SO much to see! And I don't just want to run around randomly.
So, I initially found a site ( which specializes in "luxury" vacations, but it seemed pretty pricey, not to mention the fact that the travel agent was from Greece and couldn't give me prices in CAD. When I told her I thought it was too pricey (it didn't even include airfare), and the hotels she had picked didn't get very good ratings, she got offended. She told me that "Greece isn't just about sitting on the beach and getting a tan". After that I wasn't so sure I wanted to book with her.
Then, I contacted a Canadian travel agency. I have contacted them several times about what I want and it seems to be taking them a long time to find anything for me (despite telling them almost exactly what I want). So, I went into the office, and I just didn't get very good vibes from this lady. When I told her that I didn't want to spend $300-400 a night on hotels, she said, "Oh, so you want to go budget, then?" No, that isn't what I want at all. Isn't there a happy medium? That sort of offended me. Sure, I don't have to like my travel agent, but if she isn't really willing to work with me, or if I don't feel like she is on my side, then maybe that isn't good either.
Now, I think I should go back and book with the original lady for half of it, and then book the other half by myself with Expedia or something (although I was mad at Expedia for our last trip).
I had a fortune from a fortune cookie the other day that said, "Speak less about your plans and you will see more accomplished". So true. Less talky more booky. I just wish I could decide and get my butt in gear and book something already. I am just not sure what is holding me back....

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