Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We are finally here in Greece! I can't believe it!
Yesturday, we spent going around to some of the tourist areas in Athens. Our hotel, the Athens Gate, is a lovely hotel very close to most tourist destinations. It is right across the street from the Temple of Zeus, and only a 10 minute walk from the Acropolis. The roof top bar/restaurant has a fantastic view of both.
We, of course, visited both sites, and the new Acropolis Museum. The ruins were amazing! I kept wondering, as we were walking around, what it must have looked like in all its splendor 2000+ years ago. Luckily, in the museum they had some replicas, and a video of what they think it looked like.
We then went to the National Acheological Museum. It was absolutely huge! Two floors and many rooms. We definately didn't see it all. It really makes you wonder about all of the skilled laborers and craftsmen who carved all of the marble statues. I told Jurgen that I wanted a marble statue of me when I die (as most of these are from tombs)!
We met a very nice taxi driver who took us to some different spots including the top of a mountain to see panoramic views of the city and one of the harbours to have dinner. I am sure he got a kickback for taking us to that restaurant, but we didn't mind. It was good, and nice to see something different.
Today, we are doing a day trip to Delphi. This is where Apollos temple was and where the oracles were. I wonder if the gases that made them all high will still be there?! Ha ha probably not. Then, it is off to see more tourist stuff in Athens and a day trip to Sounion.
I will try to post pics when we find a real internet cafe. This one at the hotel doesn't have a plug for my camera. Good thing we have digital, as we already have a ton of pics. I am my mother's daughter, afterall!! ;)

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