Sunday, May 27, 2012

Protection forever

I'm sitting here tonight looking at nanny websites. As my Mat leave comes to an end, we need to start thinking about child care. We are on a waiting list for Day Care, but it doesn't come available for almost a year (Feb. 2013). So, between then and now we need to figure something out. I read all these profiles of these young girls and wonder if I could really leave my daughter with one of them? How an I possibly trust someone enough for that? It was hard enough to leave her with y mom on that first day a month and a half ago. But, it was my MOM, of course I trust her. You hear these stories of orrible things happening to kids. Would I ever forgive myself if I left her with someone and something happened? Is work really that important? I wish I could convince my husband to ave a live-in annoy. At least there would be motivation to do a good job, r they would get sent hoe. Also, the agencies for that seem top notch. If a nanny doesn't work out, I hear you just Mae a phone call, and they're gone! I wsh one og our parents would be willing to look after her long term. I wouldn't hae to worry then. And then, when the Day Care spot opened up she would be older, and it's accredited, with accountability ... But I can't expect that. They ave their own lives. I wsh this was easier. I guess it isn't because she is the most important reason in my life whom I love to bits. I wouldn't just trust her with just anyone. Ultimately I will have to put my trust in someone, my faith in society. I just wish she was older before I had to do that. But, I suppose we can't protect them forever... But I sure wish I could.

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