Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bangkok and Chiang Mai

There are many monks in Thailand. These were visiting one of the temples, just like we were!
In Chiang Mai, we went on a tour where we saw the elephant camps. We ended the day with a raft ride. The guy let Jurgen drive for a bit - he was surprised how difficult it actually was.

This is us on our elephant. She is an 18 year old ornery elephant who was more concerned with getting more bananas than keeping her eyes on the road! No deaths of tourists today, though!

Before leaving Bangkok, we hired a taxi for the day to take us to Ayuttaya. This is a city with may ruins including this one with a buddha head in a tree!

The ruins were beautiful! So much history and culture here!
Stay tuned.... same bat channel.... same bat time....

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sharon said...

It looks like Jurgen may want to join the monks and find peace and bliss and no longer worry about the stock market. We are so glad to hear from you. Looking forward to seeking pics of southern Thailand. Sharon and George