Friday, July 31, 2009

July Jasper to Hornby

This is from the top of one of the mountains in Tofino, which was our last destination.

This is the same mountain, just a different view.

This is a shot from Athabasaca Falls in Jasper. It was amazing how the water carved right through the stone.

We took the Jasper Tramm (like a gondola) and then hiked to the top of the mountain. I am afraid of heights, so I was very proud of myself for doing this. The view was worth it, though.

Thi is the view from the top of the tramm.

We saw so muchwild life while we were in Jasper. There was a family of Elk who visited our hotel (Fairmont Jasper) every day. This is a baby elk (fawn) who we saw one day.

On the way back from the hot springs we saw a mama bear and three of her cubs. she was digging for something in the dirt. Whatever it was, they sure loved it.

This is the little baby bear cub we saw.
This is on the beach in Tofino. I kept wondering, "does it ever get warm here?"

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