Monday, August 3, 2009

evil weather

It seems like the weather is conspiring against me. Everytime I am working it is really nice. Take yesturday, for example. So lovely. So hot. And yet, I could not go to the lake because I was on call. Now that I am off for today it is cold and cloudy. And not just a little cold (say like 19 degrees), but downright chilly.
I am sure this will not help my hubbys state of mind. At the beginning of the summer when he was still really worried about having a mortgage and all that, he was talking of maybe selling the lake property. He kept saying that we are never there and that if we sold it we would not have a mortgage anymore. So this yucky weather sure does not help that.
It seems like the only time there was really nice hot weather at the lake was while we were away in BC, and not there to use it. Typical.
Well, what can one do besides wish that summer will last well into October and that we are still in for some really HOT weather. Yeah right.

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