Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wasted resources

I find some people really frustrating. Health care is "free" in Canada (i.e. taxpayers pay for it) and universal. That being said, there are a few individuals who seem to use up a lot of our resources, and it just doesn't seem fair.
When someone comes in who obviously doesn't care about their own health, why should I care? I still do, don't get me wrong. I always care. I always treat everyone the same way and give good care, whether I truly think they deserve it or not.
It does, however, say something about our society when we are willing to spend thousands of health care dollars on IV drug users and their screwed up kids. Not to mention other scarce resources like blood products, or putting the health care workers at risk.
True, I only see the end product, not how they got to that place. Some would say we should be doing more for this population. We should be helping them befoe they get to this point. I agree, but again, I only see the end result. I only hear the lies about not doing drugs when there are fresh track marks on their arms. I only feel frustrated when it is almost impossible to get an IV because they have abused their veins so bad that there is just none left. Getting puked on, getting sworn at, and potentially having my life at risk if I poke myself with a dirty needle, all of this makes me angry.
Maybe this is the extreme. But are other types of people any better? How about the smoker who needs to have several thoracotomies because they now have cancer? Or the obese patient who needs a joint replacement? Or the drinker who has liver failure and the umteen complications with that? All of this makes me realize why universal health care is not so popular in the United States. Why should someone who is healthy and takes care of themselves (eating well, excercising, not smoking) pay for someone who seems to just not give a shit?
I feel like yelling! I feel like shaking those people! You almost died! Doesn't that count for anything?!
And, in the end they will continue to use, continue to smoke, continue to abuse their bodies, and I am left to clean up the mess.

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