Friday, December 4, 2009

Beige and Colour People

I spent the day today with one of my longest (Iprefer this term to "oldest") friends. We talked about a lot of different things (cats and dogs, babies, relationships, scripts, etc.), but one thing we talked about at great length (and she herself has blogged about) was what she calls, "beige vs. colour people".
"Colour People" are those types of people who are expressive, boisterous, and loud. They talk with their hands and are animated. They sometimes do crazy things, like randomly burst into song, or dance. When they are around people, they leave the time spent with them feeling energized.
"Beige People" are the complete opposite. They are introverted and prefer alone time. They are quiet, subdued, and proper. They would NEVER burst into song, and may even be horrified if someone they were with did do. When they are around people, they leave the time spent with them feeling drained.
As much as there are some people who are TRUE Colour People or TRUE Beige People, I believe we are all a mix. Take me for example. My friend and her husband tell me that I am "one of them", a Colour Person. And I am. I do randomly burst into song or dance. I am sometimes loud, and always opinionated. I talk with my hands, and am very expressive (it is often hard for me to hide what I am truly feeling on my face). But, I work in a world where one needs to be beige, and so I do that too. I can have a meaningful discussion about Quality Insurance and patient safety. I can put my head down and work quietly. In another life, I am sure I would be pure colour, but there would always be the little Beige Person inside.
On the other hand, there are people whom I call "Closet Colours". They are the Beige People who have a little Colour Person in them who is screaming (or singing or cheering madly) to get out! They are the Rider fans who put a watermelon on their head and paint themselves head to toe in green, and then go back to their accounting jobs the next day. They are the people at parties who suddenly become so fun, a side of them you never see.
As I said today to my friend (although about a different topic), there needs to be balance. It is OK to be a Colour Person. It is OK to shout out, sing, and have fun! Be crazy once in awhile, take a tapdancing class, or a bellydancing class, or do a strip tease for your husband! Come on Closet Colours, you are in there somewhere and we know you can do it!!!
But, it is also OK to be a Beige Person. One needs quiet moments of reflection and time to work hard. It is OK to be alone and appreciate just yourself (plus or minus a cat or two) for a bit.
Remember, balance is the spice of life.

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