Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random occurences before year's end

A quick update of random occurences:

We had a good Christmas. Only cooked for 7, but had enough food for 15, typical me. Everything turned out yummy and on time. I bought my hubby a snowblower (really a gift for both of us, so I don't have to shovel), and he bought me jewelery. We had a funny video, and then played some Wii. It was good. Then, back to work after Jennie's wedding reception and a well deserved day off.

Then, I had something very interesting happen. I had a patient who ended up being diagnosed with epiglottitis! Previously, a life threatening childhood problem that has become almost extinct due to vaccinations, now becoming more common in the adult population. That was what this was, an adult coming for something totally unrelated! In the end, very interesting, and he ended ulp doing well.

And, we are dealing with our house again. First, it was the shower. Long story short, they had tiled over wood instead of cement or cement board, and it was rotting, and they had to rip the whole shower apart and redo the tiling (which took 8 weeks). Now, we are dealing with water damage. We have only been in our house since April, and thus we have not been in it when it was really cold before (nor had anyone else for that matter). So, in our bathroom (again) there is a spot that is REALLY cold on the ceiling in comparison with the rest and it is causing water condensation and has created a stain on the ceiling and is causing the stipling to come off. The other area is in the basement. We had told them about this when we first got in the house, and the builders brushed it off as them putting in the tiling in the basement before other stuff was finished and a little leak caused the stain on the tiling. So, they changed the tile in hopes that it wouldn't be a problem (I call bullshit). Well, the new tile is now stained too. Thus, water damage and a leak from somewhere (which is what we were trying to tell them in the first place). Talk about shoddy workmanship! Now, they are telling us that because the house has been standing here complete without anyone in it for over a year, that we do not have any warranty (which was one of the requirements we had when we bought the house). We wouldn't have found any of the bathroom stuff until it had been used! What crap! Well, if they don't fix it, rest assured that we will be raising quite the stink! Not to mention not building with them again, and there aren't that many builders in Regina, and we would make sure to let EVERYONE we know in Regina know about them. Trust me, Regina is small and word gets out. So, wish me luck on this account anyway.

Finally, we are on call tomorrow night for New Year's. I get to spend the night giving anesthetics to people who are unfortunate enough to require surgery that night. Well, at least I get to spend it with my husband. I will just run over to the next operating room at midnight and give him a New Year's kiss! What romance! Ah well, taking one for the team, I always say!
So, everyone, wish me luck, and have a great New Year's!!

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