Saturday, April 24, 2010

The organization of an Anesthesia educational event

I am organizing a "mini conference" for next weekend. It is an educational day that is put on annually in Saskatchewan and rotates between Regina and Saskatoon. We used to attend every year as residents. Last year it was in Saskatoon, and being the first year as a staff person, I did not attend. The people at the annual business meeting (which happens after the conference) decided that this year it should be in Regina, and that I should be the one organizging it. So, I was "voluntold" to do it. I originally was a bit put off that they did this to me, but in the end I agreed to it.
So, since last year, I have been working on this. I, luckily, have had some help from a couple of the other gals. One, in particular, has been super helpful. Unfortunately (or not!), she has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl and will not be around to help me on the actual weekend. The other gal has agreed to help me on the actual day, so that is good.
Our topic for the year is Neuroanesthesia. I feel proud that we have such a renowned speaker (Dr. Arthur Lam) coming all the way from Seattle, Washington. In addition, we have two neurosurgeons, another neuroanesthesiologist, and a patient speaking. It should be interesting.
We have over 60 people coming to the event. However, over half of those people are residents, who have to come. That part kind of sucks. I realy wish there were a few more people coming. Alas, what can you do.
The other stress are the residents themselves. The district is hosting a "meet and greet" for the residents. This is an event to introduce the residents to some of the Regina Attendings, allowing for networking. We have decided to have appys in a nice restaurant to allow people to mingle a bit. Again, I really hope people decide to attend. I sort of feel like after paying for a hotel room for two nights and comping the registration fee for the conference, the least the residents could to would be to come to the "meet and greet" (again free). And again, you can lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink.
I will be happy when next weekend is over, and it has been a huge and fun venture that I can put on my CV! I am sure it will be a success. It will just take a bit more work.

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