Sunday, April 18, 2010

Work hard and the Rewards will be Great!

We are off to the lake today for the first time this year. They have promised the weather to be warm, and so we thought we would take advantage of it and get out there. As much as I love the lake, today I have mixed feelings. My hubby warned me this would happen, and I hate it when he is right! It is just a lot of WORK, and I am feeling lazy. We need to put the dock together, put it in the water, put the track together, put it in the water, open up the cabin, clean the entire cabin, rake and cut the lawn, go through the bedding plants, take the boat out, launch the boat, put the seadoo lift in, take the seadoo out, launch the seadoo, set out the chairs, get rid of the garbagefrom last year....... So, you can see my reservation. As much as I have been tellling my husband that it is no big deal (he was really stressing about it the other day), I need to take my own advice. Once it is all done, and the cabin is back to being a usable space, it will be great. I love our cabin, I just hate all the work. I guess that is like everything in life - work hard, and the rewards will be great!

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