Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear hitchhiker

Dear Hitchhiker,

I saw you, you and your dog, on my way home from work. I thought, "Sorry, dude, I am not going that far, there is no way I could take you to Montreal, let alone Winnipeg". You looked tired, and maybe dirty, but I didn't give it another thought. I went home, and sat outside in the heat.

Then, I saw you again, on my way back in. Lying on the ground. Your ever faithful dog sitting near you, protecting you. And, I saw the cops coming to you. This time I felt sad. Sad that it had come to this for you. Sad that you didn't have the money for a bus ticket or hotel room.

When the ambulance was not that far behind, that was when it hit me. It was so hot outside. You and your dog probably don't have any water. It would be easy to overheat in this weather.

What happened to you? I don't know. I can only hope good things for you. I can only hope you were taken to hospital, and made better. Cleaned up, and given something to eat. I hope that your dog, ever faithful, was also taken care of, but left with you and not taken. I wish I could have done more for you. Given you a ride, or money, but I didn't.

People think I'm crazy when I see the kids on the street begging for money, and give them a five or something. But maybe, just maybe it could prevent sadness like this.

Please, let this be a prayer for you, and others out there down on there luck. I pray that you are safe, and healthy. I pray you find you way home. That you, and your dog, make it there just fine.
And next time, may I have the courage to help out, if only just a little.


Jennie Grado said...

An absolutely beautiful post Joe. It's gut-wrenching and painful to imagine what that man and his dog went through that day, and have seen in their years...but the humanity in it is what will remain with me.

Dr. McBain said...

Thanks, babe.
Just another instance of crying in my car.