Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lesser of Two Evils

You've heard the saying: choosing between the lesser of two evils. Sometimes, it is not that easy. Both of the choices are evil, or not good. So, then what do you do? I am a talker. So, I talk to a bunch of different people and get there opionions. Let's be honest. Sometimes I do this because I just want to hear that I am not crazy and that someone else thinks what I want to do is OK, just to get reassurance. It is much harder to do this when it is a controversial subject. People have very strong feelings, that just might not jive with your own. So, I still talk and ask, but I don't find it that helpful. Especially, when the person I love the most thinks differently than me, but is willing to do whatever I want (also not helpful). I don't know. It is just so hard. Not to mention that the outcomes aren't even certain. Evil number one COULD happen, but so evil number two COULD also happen if I make that choice, but nothing is set in stone. It is all about statistics. A number game. And, sometimes numbers lie.

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