Sunday, August 7, 2011

Doing nothing

Sometimes it is nice to just do nothing. OK, not like lay in bed and hide, nothing, but not work and not have a care in the world. My husband and I didn't get much in the way of vacation time this summer. In fact, we got a whole 5 days. I was pretty bitter. Others in our department got 3 weeks or even a month off! I guess it is partially my fault. I applied for vaca way to late. Now, I know for next time. Regardless of what our schedullor says, apply months in advance.
Enough whining.
So, our 5 days off we didn't go anywhere. We just had a "staycation", and it was lovely. Days filled with reading, sunning, maybe going to the lake if we felt like it, and hot tubing (although we turned it cold because it was SO hot those days). Then, back to work for a day, and then a weekend of also doing nothing. Today, I worked out, ate very healthily, had a long luxurious bath, and now am here on the interweb. So lovely to not have a care. Oh sure, I could be doing some other projects like my grand rounds presentation, like working on Phase C or Phase D stuff, but I just didn't feel like it. I may decide to go grocery shopping for just a few things, and maybe stop in a store or two to browse, or not. Either way, it will be relaxing and lovely.
Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. Sometimes you just need to do nothing.

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