Wednesday, September 19, 2012


OMG, the best sound in the world has to be babies laughing.  I absolutely LOVE it when our little monkey laughs, and I will do almost anything to hear it.  Sometime, though, I am totally surprised by what makes her laugh. 
The other night it was just me and her, Daddy was at work.  I was feeding her her last bottle of the night and must have grazed her belly.  She is ticklish!  She started to laugh.  So, I kept it up.  She was squealing and laughing as I was tickling her little belly.  Then, I started to tickle her toes.  That was also a hit!  More squealing and laughing ensued!
This is behavior you expect when a little one is older, but not from a baby.  At least, I didn't expect it.  It was so wonderful!  It makes the sleepless nights, and grumpy days all worth it!!

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