Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Potty training?

I don't mind changing diapers, but I think it's going to get old soon.  So, I am wondering, when can you start potty training?  I have heard horror stories of three year olds who are still not potty trained!  My baby still has soft, liquidy poops.  Imagine a three year old?!  I wouldn't want to be changing that!  I want to start potty training my daughter as soon as she can stand on her own.  Is that too early?  Could I even start training now?  I have also heard of something called Elimination Communication.  This is part of Attachment Parenting, of which I am a half-believer (i.e. I breast feed, baby wear, and attend to babies cries, for the most part), so I can only get on board with this part way as well.  Can the pooping over the toilet part help?
Again, just like all things baby, there is a TON of literature out there.  Why are babies, and kids in general, so hard to figure out?!

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