Sunday, June 15, 2008


I am currently in Halifax. I am here for the Canadian Anesthesiology Society Annual Meeting. The conference itself is a bit ho-hum, but I LOVE Halifax. Great shopping, great restaurants, great people, great views. I could live here. I have been to some of the talks, but let's be honest, I was really here to see Halifax. I think most people are. We saw some of our attendings out shopping, so I didn't feel quite so bad then. I have also been seen at the conference (several times), so that is good too.
My Mom comes in tonight. I wasn't going to go pick her up, but I think that would be a nice surprise for her. We have never been out just the two of us on a vacation before. There has always been someone else there - my dad, my brother, my grandmother. So, this should be interesting. We should have a lot of fun together. There are some places that I have already thought of that I want to take her, and I am sure there is stuff that she wants to see as well. She has spent a bit more time here than me, so she might know some more stuff to see. Either way, it should be fun - just the girls.

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