Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I hate The Brick

I hate The Brick.
We have bought a lot of stuff from them over the years - two couches, two chairs, etc. Always because we liked their products and we thought they had OK service. That was until we actually needed their service.
We recently bought a washer and dryer set, and a mattress and boxspring set. Not cheap items. Everything was ducky until we told them where we live. Now, because we live 10km outside the city, their service has gone to shit. They only deliver "out of town" on certain days of the week, and never at night or on the weekend. What a bunch of crap! I can run 10km! So you can't tell me that it is really that far.
We had to fight with the manager to get our stuff delivered at a time when we would actually be home. But, it doesn't stop there.
The first guy who sold us our mattress was really gung-ho, but didn't really know anything about what he was selling. I have since learned that a mattress is not something to take lightly. You don't just buy one because someone tells you it is "the best". Since buying that mattress, my back has ached every morning. In fact, I can't sleep more than about 5 hours or so because I have to get up secondary to pain. Luckily, they let you try out the bed and you can change it.
When we went to the second guy he asked us all sorts of questions about our sleep habits and immediately was able to tell us that the mattress was too firm for us. So, why hadn't the first guy asked us all this?! We wouldn't need to have our mattress exchanged if he had actually known what he was talking about! Not to even mention the washer and dryer. The guy helping me knew less about the machines than I did! I am not some house wife who sits at home dreaming of a new washing machine, but I had at least done some research. He could have too! I finally settled on a set because my husband was fading with interest fast, and the guy couldn't even tell me if they carried the one that I wanted. What a bunch of idiots!
And now we are in the delivery problem again. I took today off, thinking that it would be delivered today, which is what they told us. But, here I sit without a new bed! Apparently, it isn't even here and the date they told us about was only tentative. So, when were they planning to tell us?! Now, I have to try and rearrange my life again so they can bring out a mattress that will, hopefully, be better at some imaginary later date that they have yet to tell us about.
They should be happy they even still have customers in an era like now. That is my new mission in life. I am going to tell everyone about what poor service I have received at The Brick and what idiots they are. Hello blogger, hello Facebook. Bring it on, Brickey.

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Tracey said...

Tyler and I hate The Brick. We avoid going there at all. Most of the sales people there do not really know what they are talking about and they flock you like prey from the moment you step into the store and then they stalk you as you walk around looking for what you want. We've been so turned off by that we've left the store just because it was getting uncomfortable. We like to shop at Alford's for furniture. And mattresses, try Madison's - I remember getting REALLY good service from there. Well it's too late I know cuz you already bought from the Brick but if I were you , what I'd do is tell them how unhappy you are and ask them how they will compensate you for all the problems they've caused you.
Good luck!