Saturday, May 30, 2009

one year ago

One year ago it all came true. The culimination of everything I had been working for for so long finally came to pass. One year ago I wrote, and passed, my Royal College exams.
I was sitting in the OR listening to the soft beep beep of my monitors as the surgeon continued on with surgery and I realized what the date was. I realized that right then some of my friends were in the middle of their exams. I told this to the nurses, and told them that one year ago I passed my exams. I got goosebumps.
I remember that day so vividly. I remember not wanting to eat breakfast because I was nervous, but knew I had to have something in my stomach. I remember putting on the suit and special shoes I had bought for the occaison. I remember driving in our rented car and getting stuck in construction and worrying about not being there in time. I was stressed, but trying to calm my hubby down (who was driving). I remember the big white tent outside the Royal College. I remember the little "pep talk" they gave before the exam. No, not what he actually said, just the small room and little chairs, and a dozen nervous faces all chuckling at his poor attempt at humor. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. I remember how I felt after each question. The first set really good, the next not as good, and by the last was thinking that I hadn't done so well. I remember rushing through the little survey they had at the end so I could leave. I just had to get out of there! I remember stepping out of the building and frantically phoning my hubby to come and pick me up, but he was there, a crooked little smile on his face. I remember feeling, what? Relief that it was over? Trepidation? I am not sure, but there was a rush of emotions and as soon as I saw him, I started to cry. Like I said, I had talked myself into thinking that I hadn't done very well.
Later on, we went for dinner with my best friend and her partner. It was a lovely meal, only slightly spoiled with a phone call. One of the other people I had written with had phoned to tell me that she had found the exam SO easy and that she had just found out she passed. I never knew how much I really disliked her until that moment. What if I had not passed?
Finally, the moment of truth. Shaking, I typed in my password onto the computer, to wait for what seemed like an eternity, to find out I had passed! Oh, the joy in that moment. I doubt there will ever be a greater feeling in the world than that. I truly cannot describe it.
Since that moment my life has only gotten better. I work in a great environment, have a new house, and am generally loving life. I feel truly blessed.
So much has happened in a year and it all started one year ago.

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