Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We had our anatomical scan today. This was the first of 3 Ultrasounds that my husband was able to attend. The Tech was really awesome. We told her that we were both Anesthesiologists, and so when my hubby had questions she was able to answer them and didn't dumb it down for us. I am such a visual person that this was great! Even though I am not a sonographer, it is pretty easy at this stage to see all the important stuff - heart, brain, stomach, belly, all four limbs, all 10 toes and fingers! She told us everything looked great. Not only that, but the radiologist was kind enough (as a professional courtesy) to briefly go over the scan with us! That really made hubby feel better! He did, however, say that they would like to get a better look at babe's heart because we came a bit early (17wk5d because my MSS triple screen was borderline), and it is actually easier to see stuff later on. That is no problem with me - I love seeing the ultrasounds! Little peanut was so wiggly this time, she actually had a tough time getting some of the views! Haha! That was super cute to see! All of this is so exciting. I think now, finally, we can start to relax and maybe even buy some stuff!!

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