Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Cat is Out of the Bag

Last week I was "outed" by one of the nurses that I work with. I was keeping a secret for quite awhile now, but I guess things like this can only be secrets for so long.
I'm pregnant, for the first time ever. So, now, unlike my previous blogs about work or play, a lot of them will have this as the focus. It is a wonderous, strange, scary, exciting time in my husband and my life. Not only is my body changing, but our lives will soon change as well.
So, I am going to document the changes as they occur. Belly photos, baby photos, things I love, and even complaints, will all be revealed.
I will admit, in my previous blog I talked about how "my cats are better than kids", but this was in response to a world that I was living in that seemed to tell me that I wasn't worth the same as someone with kids (I didn't deserve the same vacation time, or breaks as them). I have grown a lot since then. I still feel that people without kids deserve the same as those without, but that doesn't mean that I can't now experience this wonder for myself. In the end, there were so many reasons to have kids and experience the joy that comes with them, that we had to do it (although truthfully, I was much more convinced than my hubby)!
Right now, as I write, I am almost 17 weeks pregnant. This makes me due in late January. So, stay tuned for all the crazy changes to come!

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