Friday, September 19, 2008

birthdays and bruised arms

My week this week definately made up for last week. My birthday was on Monday. I had a ton of well wishes from people, two different bouquets of gorgeous flowers, and dinner with friends. Then, after another fantastic dinner, my hubby and our two friends went to the Elton John concert! What a great concert! Despite being a short, funny, little man, with sausage fingers, he is a great performer. He played for almost 3 hours, signed autographs for 15 minutes and definately played to the crowd.
My calls this week were also pleasant. Sunday night on call for Obs, although tiring, was pleasant. Then, last night I worked with a great group of nurses who kept me laughing all night long. Most days I can't believe they pay me to do what I do (and as much!)! I enjoy most of the people I work with, love the patients, and love the challenge that every day and every case gives me. I was invigorated reading journals at work last night. I am awed by the people who do research to constantly improve our field. Progress is great, and fascinating.
I feel like I make a difference - to my patients mostly, but also the world, with my work. A little at a time, I make a difference.
Finally, today we went to the Travel Clinic. There is probably no better way to make your trip seem close then to get all the vaccinations you need. Man! MY ARMS HURT! I am sure it is all worth it, though. The minute I get over the feeling that I ran a marathon with only my deltoids, I am sure I will feel fantastic!
Speaking of marathon, I don't know if I blogged about it, but in short it was (yeah, you guessed it), great. I was comfortable throughout, had a decent time, sprinted to the end, and finished with a smile on my face! What an accomplishment! I don't think I will do a full marathon, but I definately liked the half. Maybe that will be a reason to go to a destination!
Anyhoo, things are good and back to "normal". Now, I just need to find a new hobby....

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