Tuesday, September 9, 2008

hard day

I had a hard day today. It was really long. It seemed like nothing could possibly go right. A comedy of errors. So, after being there for 11 hours working, I came home and did what I usually do when I feel this crappy - Cry. As I sat on the couch crying and telling my hubby how bad a day it was, he consoled me. He told me that he (and everyone) had had days like that. That things don't always run perfect. As he told me that, and I listened to what I was actually upset about, it started not to sound too bad. Afterall, my patients woke up comfortable and completely stable, and isn't that what is important? I am hard on myself, but that is because I want to do well. I want to perform and prove to everyone that I have those letters behind my name for a reason! So, it sucks when things aren't smooth. Someday, I hope to look back on this and have learned from it.

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