Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Frustration

After having been working for a month, I have now experienced a bad week. It started with a very long day on Tuesday (see previous blog). Yesturday was fine - I did Ortho, I had a JURSI who was keen, and the day seemed to fly by. Today, not so much.
I worked with people today whose personalities clashed with my own. The unfortunate thing is that I knew from the time I looked at the slate that at least part of the day would be like that. I was geared up for a bad day to begin with. How can you fight with that? It might have been bad because I expected them to be bad. But it continued to get worse. When that half was over and I expected it to be better, it didn't. More personality issues. More problems. More Frustration.
One other problem is that even thought I know I am right, I don't always have the confidence to say something. Is it wrong to seek a second opinion? Is it wrong to get help? Just because I am "on my own" doesn't mean I should be left out to dry, does it? That is why most people open clinics with other people. Sure, they can share costs, but it is nice to get help and bounce ideas off of someone as well.
I try and be nicey-nice and that just doesn't seem to get you anywhere. It seems like all people respond to these days is bitchyness. They see me as some silly little girl, until I step up and don't back down. Well, that is really too bad. It was nice to know, however, that both the nurses I was working with, as well as other colleagues I spoke with, agreed with me in the situation. That definately made me feel better. It makes me think that I should have confidence, that I do know what I am taking about. And, if they don't like it, that is just too bad!
I guess everyone has bad days and bad weeks. Not everything goes smoothly all the time. I just wish it did.

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