Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boo to the East

Ok, I just had to blog about this because it is driving me crazy. Sure, according to some uneducated Easterners we are the "gap" in the country, but that doesn't mean that what happens here is unimportant. Furthermore, our weather is much more demanding and drastic than anything that happens out East (except for the Maritimes, who get snow up to their rooftops regularly). I finally understand my hubby's feelings.
Oh, boo hoo it is "cold" in the East! Oh, boo hoo Torontonions might have to scrape their windows and actually "bundle up"! Cry me a f*%%ing river!! It is -37 degrees tonight here, and that is WITHOUT the windchill!! Talk about that! Fathom that!
Ok, and before that, when there was so much snow in BC that people had to walk 2km to get to their houses, no on mentioned that until people DIED in avalanches!!
And NO, I am not compaining. I would take the "Pepsi challenge" with any other province. I like it here. I take pride in the fact that I can survive in -50 weather. You know why? Sun. Even though it is F*%&ing cold, we almost always have sun. My mood is directly related to the amount of sun I get. Lots.
I just hate the fact that we are always ignored. You know, I bet the Yukon and NWT feel like that too. How sad.
Boo to the East and all the TV companies that bow to that!!

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Jennie Grado said...

Oh Joe, you make me laugh. I hear you on this. The city self-centeredness makes me wanna gag too. But this Toronto-transplanted-Saskatchewanian loves you to pieces!