Friday, January 30, 2009


I seem to have some major life decisions coming up. It seems harder. Before there was never any doubt about decisions I was making, because unless they were short term, the answer was always the same - finish residency, pass the exam. Now, I have done that, and I need to make some new decisions. First, one that is a bit fun: Buying a house. Do we buy right now? Do we buy or build? Can we live outside the city, like in Emerald Park, or is that too far away? Will it affect our life too much?
Second, one that may affect my career: Should I continue to do cardiac anesthesia? If I do, I have to take the TEE course, write and pass the TEE exam. I think having those skills would be very valuable, but I am just not sure if I want to study for another exam so soon after writing the biggest exam of my life. Also, I am not sure if I want the stress of doing cardiac. Those people die.
Finally, a decision which may affect both of the previous ones: To have kids, or not to have kids? It seems like the next logical thing to do as an adult in a stable marriage with a stable career. If the amount that I love and cherish my cats is an indication of how I would be as a parent, I would have no problem loving them unconditionally. The question is, do I want my life to change (drastically), and am I ready?
The answer to all of these questions: I don't know.
We have started to look for houses, found one we like in White City, and are trying to decide. We are attending the TEE course in San Diego, and then maybe I will have a better idea. I am thinking of letting nature take its course with kids.
Is it right to let fate decide? At this point, it seems like the best decision.

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