Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well, I guess I have "won". A couple of blogs ago, I mentioned an agreement that Jurgen and I had about houses or workouts. In short, he would either work out, or we would buy a house. Either way I would win, but what I "won" was a new house! We are going to buy a new place (or build). We have talked with the bank, and we are meeting with our realtor on Thursday. I have made out a list of houses from MLS and plan to give it to her. This way we can actually see what we want.

I am very excited, but also a bit nervous. I HATE moving. I am pretty much like my little cat - Stupe. The last time we moved she found a blanket from our old house, crawled underneath and wouldn't come out, even to eat. Poor kitty. Poor me, I feel the same. I find moving really stressful!

The other issue (kids) has not been solved. I still go back and forth (pleasure? of kids versus my life), and Jurgen is not convinced. Ah, alas, only time will tell. It is, however, the real reason for a new house, but I don't tell Jurgen that!

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