Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas times

Mount Washington is only an hour from Hornby Island. So, after Christmas we went there and went skiing. What a beautiful spot to ski!

Jurgen looks like a war hero on skis!!

We skiied with George and Sharon. We discovered that with George and Jurgen being similar, and Sharon and myself being similar, we could have a great time together!

The Maslany's all went to BC for Christmas. The initial plan was for everyone to meet on Hornby Island, but when George and Sharon got there they realized just how much snow there was! We joined them later there and saw for ourselves!

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner. Lots of laughs and food. We missed Grandma H as she was still recuperating from her fracture.

Our "Charlie Brown" Christmas treewas adorned by something much cuter - Seven!

Before our own celebration we had our OR Christmas party! Glow bowling and greasy snacks!

December started off with Annabelle having a house warming party. TOO much fun!

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