Saturday, June 6, 2009


Last night we had a little house warming party. Mostly people from work. It was fun, but a bit of work (cleaning, food, planning, etc.). I still look around this house and think to myself, "Do we really live here?". Someone described it well yesturday, as a "grown-up house". And that it is. My hubby tells me I will die here (he never wants to buy another house, and still thinks buying this one was a bad idea), I disagree, but am happy here nonetheless.
Hoever, even as we are happy in our new grown-up house, I still think about our little condo. Alone, empty, just waiting patiently to be loved by someone again. We went by today, and I was a bit sad. On one hand I always felt like that was my hubby's house, not really mine. But, we did live there together and it was always where I stayed when I would come to Regina to do rotations, so there are memories there.
It is too bad that it hasn't sold yet. It is a nice little starter home, or executive condo. It was perfect for us - yard work and snow removal taken care of, but still in a great location and with nice upgrades within. I just can't believe that it wouldn't be perfect again for someone else.
The biggest problem is really the money. I wish we could sell it. That would help with the stress my hubby feels about buying this house. We would feel relieved. Maybe then he would be a bit more relaxed about spending money on frivolous things, like travel. However, in a buyers market in a recession, it is hard. I still think the right person will come along. We just have to be patient. As I said, it was perfect for us, so why not for someone else?

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