Thursday, June 18, 2009

cars and houses

There are both good things and bad things going on at the moment, as is the case with life, I guess.
The bad thing is really not that bad. The car place phoned to say my car was ready (finally!), and I went to pick it up. I got in and drove away, only to realize 2 blocks later that there were a lot of dash lights on. I thought, I could not worry about it and call them, or I could turn around. So, I turned around and showed them the lights. They told me that it was Ok and that just the computer needed to be reset and I could drive the car. So, I left and went to work. Unfortunately, they called me to say that actually, I shouldn't be driving the car because I need a new "wire harness" (what IS that?!), and they needed to give me another rental. I just swapped the cars again, BOOOO!
On the other side, is the good side. I was in Sasktoon for a meeting yesturday. It was really quick, in and out, but it did help me realize something. I love where I live. I stayed with a friend who has a lovely house, but it is older and near a busy street. They didn't have aircon, and it was very hot. Having the window open made a huge difference, but then I could hear all the traffic from the street. Not to mention the group of kids at one in the morning on the corner who were yelling at each other! Needless to say, it was not restful.
At our house, it is SO quiet. We live on a quiet cresent and back onto farm land. Our house is far enough from our neighbors that I never hear them. There are no cars, or yelling kids to tend with, and our new house has aircon. Not just that, but I love the area. So many trees, a small town feel, wildlife nearby, and yet so close to the city that we can get anything anytime. We definately made the right choice when we bought this house. I would never go back!
Now, if we could just sell our other house....

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