Monday, June 8, 2009


I realize I was whining when I wrote yesturday. The rain always makes me depressed and grumpy.
Let's be realistic here. In a little less than one year, I have visited Halifax, Montreal, Thailand, BC, and San Diego. So, really, I shouldn't be complaining.
Sure, we have no "big trips" planned on the horizon, but we did just by a new house, a new dock, blinds for the house, and a whole speaker system for the house.
My hubby says that perhaps I am only truly happy when I am spending scads of money. Maybe he is right. I do get a high from it. He thinks that is a little crazy and maybe I should "talk to someone" about it. I think it is pretty normal to feel like that. Anyway, it is not like it is out of conntrol or something.
I was blaming my poor hubby, but without him I would spend all my money with little regard for things like taxes, savings, RRSPS, and property taxes. He takes care of the money situation and does an exceedingly good job.
I guess I just worry. I worry about running out of time. I worry I will decide to have kids, and it will be too late. I worry I will decide to travel, and it will be too late. I worry about spending all of my time at work. Life is just so short.
So, today I am going to try to turn over a new leaf. Despite the fact that it is still raining, I am goin to be thankful for what I have. Thankful for what has come to pass, and thankful for what may be. Maybe there is a compromise here. I could try, for the next few months, to not plan something. Instead do inexpensive things like go to the lake. Then, in the start of the new year I can plan a really nice hot trip somewhere. My hubby tells me he really does want to do that. Maybe we could even explore some of the places in our own back yard - Craik, Moose Jaw, Yorkton, etc. Maybe there is some hidden gem right here that I haven't yet found....

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