Saturday, March 6, 2010

fog vs. fun

It has been weeks of fog and cloud and I was starting to feel depressed. I find my mood is directly related to the amount of sun I get. Usually Saskatchewn is a great place to live because we get so much sun, even when it is 40 below. For some reason this year we have had a ton of fog. So strange. At first, I thought it was really neat. Sort of dreamlike. A morning white mist shrouding everything in a soft blanket of secrecy. After a few days, it had lost its appeal. Then, it was just annoying. Trying to cross the highway to get to work when you can barely see the oncoming traffic, is not fun. When work was done and I would drive home, excited that it was finally warming up, it would be cloudy or foggy again. Boo!
The other day, I couldn't stand it anymore. After having a very frustrating day at work (delays in our starts, and then avoidable complications on our case), I knew I had to run. Sometimes it is the only thing that can get me to reset again and not feel so grumpy. It was not really nice out. It was - you guessed it - cloudy, and windy. But, I had to do it. I went out anyway, and felt way better after, even if I didn't go for as long as I normally would.
Today, however, things are finally different. It is absolutely LOVELY outside. It is sunny and warm (if -1 degrees is warm). Even the cats thought it was not too bad out! And, by next week it is supposed to be +10!!!! I will be out with BELLS on!
As the sun continues to shine, the snow melts slowly away, and the temperature rises to something other than below zero, perhaps my cabin fever will slowly ebb away. More runs outside, walks with my hubby, and soon, so soon, trips to the cabin for spring clean up. To top it all off, we are planning to do our yard this year! Sigh (of contentment), I love spring.

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