Thursday, March 18, 2010

frustration on the road to a good life

My husband has decided to make some major changes in his life. Previously, he LOVED food - Fatty, greasy, calorie-lidden food. And, he hated excercise. The only thing he would ever do would be something where gravity helped (downhill skiing) or where he was being pulled (waterskiing), but nothing else. I may have made some negative comments, but whatever. He has decided to make the change.
So, he has been working out. It started with walks in the evening with me (at first forcing him, and then with him being more amenable). Now, he has been exercising almost every day after work or during the day.
Also, he has changed his diet. He eats a litle breakfast, and then has a couple of healthy snacks in the afternoon, a healthy dinner (most of what I make is healthy anyway), and then maybe a healthy snack in the evening. He has even found a program where he can find the number of calories of pretty much anything and then calculate (with the calories burned from excercise) what it will take to lose weight.
I am so proud of him! He may not have noticed any results yet, but I feel like this is a lifestyle change for the better.
The problem is, he is discouraged. He says he doesn't feel "satisfied" and that he was happier before when he was eating fries and pizza all the time. I really feel like if he saw results, he would feel better about all of this. I think he is doing the right things, but I don't know what else he could do! How do I encourage him to keep this up? He has to know that this isn't just about weight loss, but about feeling better and living better. It is about being around longer for our family (whatever that might be - a whole other blog there).
I only hope he will start to feel better, start to see results, and continue on his road to a good life.

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Anonymous said...

Tell him if he ate a lot of meat, veggies and some fruit, he will see results. He can eat as much of this as he wants, he will feel satisfied and feel full and lose weight. BBQ him up some steak, grill some veggies as a side. Make enough to eat for lunch the next day. Mix it up with differents meats and veggies. Along with the exercise, do this for a month, guaranteed he'll lose 10lbs.