Thursday, July 24, 2008

Insurance secrets

I am increasing my insurance. So, of course, that comes with a price. The insurance company sends out a nurse to ask you a ton of questions, take your blood and urine. It felt weird. Although I have nothing to hide (my life is an open book), the whole time she was here I felt like she was digging for secrets. All of this hidden in a a facade of chatter and humor. I said to Jurgen earlier that I felt like they were going to take my blood, do a DNA test and find out exactly when I would die, and of what. He told me that I watch too many movies. Still, does it make a difference that I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner sometimes? What about all the stuff you can't control, like migraines, Celiac disease, etc. I feel like you are being punished for bad luck. Isn't it enough that you have these things? I kept hoping my blood pressure was lower, my heart rate lower, my height taller, and my weight less. Doesn't it count that I run, try and eat well, and don't smoke? It should, but I am not sure. What secrets will they discover? What lies have I told? What is my body hiding from me that they will find out? The whole thing just felt: SKETCHY!

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