Sunday, August 31, 2008

My life is blessed

My life is truly blessed. I am extremely happy. I love my husband. I love my kitties. I love my job.
I was on call the other day and called in early (I only start at 4pm) for a big emergency case. My hubby was second call and just finishing his case. He decided he could start the case while I came in. Luckily, I rolled into the OR at precisely the same time as the patient. We looked at each other and immediately started dividing up the work. Our OR was abuzz like a bee hive busyily working, and I was its queen organizing everything, my bee king at my side helping me with every detail. (Wow! What a metaphor)
Again, I am amazed by our relationship. I love the fact that I see him at work everyday. That he may pop into my room and bring me coffee, or just come in to make me laugh. I love that no matter what, he is there for me. He will come and bail me out at a moments notice, or just give me the advice I need.
And, the job. Back to the night on call... We worked until just after 4am. I was tired, but not totally bagged. The next day I was fine. The difference? Sleeping in my own bed. Sure, I am always checking the clock and wondering if they are going to call me back. But, I don't have to sleep in a disgusting call room, get up to do consults, IVs, traumas, and epidurals. I can crawl into bed and cuddle up with the man who was on call with me (but went home early, as he was on second call), and my two beautiful little cats. Ah, bliss. Oh, not to mention all the money I made!!
Finally, with work comes rewards. Our newest reward? A BMW 335XI in metallic silver!! Only the hottest, most fun to drive car ever!! Check it out on-line.
My biggest stress right now is whether or not to completely book our trip to Thailand, or to just let things flow and fly by the seat of our pants. This attending thing is great!

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